Hello Kitty rifle makes CNN

It looks like the irrational fear of pink Hello Kitty and other painted guns keeps spreading.  Now it appears that reporter Brahim Resnik from KPNX Channel 12 in Phoenix has picked up the story and offers this one-sided hit job:


After showing a woman on the street a picture of the Hello Kitty rifle and getting a laugh from her, he then proceeds to tell her “that it is a weapon used by the military”.  The military is using semi-automatic civilian AR15’s now?  Wow, maybe that is why it is taking us so long to finish up in Iraq.

This is just another made-up hypothetical “threat” to law enforcement that has no basis in the truth.  They even dig up a retired police officer to warn us about how frightening it is that it is legal for us to paint our own personal property any color we wish.  Must have been a slow news day…