CNN back to their old tricks – Faking “Assault Weapon” demonstrations

Viewer is shown a semiautomatic rifle
A semiautomatic rifle is shown to the viewer…

Fully automatic rifle is then demonstrated
then a fully automatic gun is demonstrated being fired at body armor

Video: CNN faking gun demonstrations

CNN is back to their old tricks, once again faking gun demonstrations and misleading their viewers to further their anti-gun agenda.  On March 27th, 2009 CNN released this video featuring reporter Drew Griffin in which he describes how “high-power” firearms from the United States are fueling the drug cartel violence in Mexico.  Griffin parrots the information given to him by the ATF agents and Mexican police, without any fact-checking, and proceeds to paint a picture of straw purchases at gunshows in the U.S. as the source of these guns.  At one point Griffin shows the viewers what looks like a post-ban style semiautomatic AK clone with a PSL style stock and claims the guns were seized from a “U-Haul heading south… near the border”.  The very next moment an ATF agent is show firing a fully-automatic AK at a car door and body armor.  The rifles look very similar but if you give it more than a casual glance it is quite obvious from the stocks that these are not the same rifles.  Also as anybody with any knowledge of guns knows, fully-automatic rifles are NOT readily available for sale by US gun dealers and gun shows and Griffin should have the integrity to point this fact out instead of being complicit in more fake, staged gun demonstrations.