Gen Wesley Clark blames Mexican violence on “machine guns” from the US

On the March 15th, 2009 edition of Fox New’s “Geraldo at Large” guest General Wesley Clark appeared and blamed the recent Mexican drug cartel violence on “machine guns” from the United States flowing into Mexico.  When Geraldo briefly tried to place the focus on corruption with the police of the border towns, Gen Clark quickly shifted the focus back to gun ownership in the United States and called for the renewal of the “Assault Weapons Ban”.

Gen Wesley Clark lying his ass off

Video of Gen Wesley Clark on Geraldo

Clark: “The real problem here in the Mexican government, the people I have talked to in the Mexican government say the problem Mexico has is that we are sending weapons into Mexico.”… “We’ve got to clean up our own act on the weapons”.

Ok, let me get this straight – the “real” problem here, the cause of all the violence and murder in Mexico, is not the corruption in the Mexican government and law enforcement, not the huge sums of money that are at stake in the drug trade, the real problem here is that firearms from the United States are flowing into Mexico and creating the violence and causing people to murder each other.

Clark: “I think we need to reinstitute the “Assault Weapon” ban in the Unites States.  If people want “machine guns” let them join the military.”

Clark: “for personal use, absolutely not, that is how they are getting across the border”…  “The Mexican government is asking of us – please cut off the flow of “machine guns” coming from the United States into Mexico”

Now I assume General Clark, having such a distinguised military career, has actually been around some weapons before  He certainly knows that a semi-auto rifle, those that were actually address in the AW ban, are not “Machine Guns”.  He is lying to everyone to push this gun-grabbing agenda.

Geraldo: “I agree with you General Clark, thank you.  What are we using AK-47’s for, duck hunting?  Absolutely preposterous, great for gun collectors, but to be able to buy 100 AK-47’s and bring them into Mexico, absolutely appalingly ridiculous.  General Clark thank you very much.

What can I say, Geraldo is an idiot.  This is just what would you expect from someone stupid enough to draw a map in the sand on live television to give away the position of the military unit he was embedded with during the Iraq war invasion.