Let the blogging begin

Well I finally got around to setting up a blog for RifleGear.com.  I have wanted to do this for awhile and have finally gotten the motivation to set it up.  I know next to nothing about blog software so I started with a Google search.  It seems that the most popular blog software out there is for PHP, Perl, and MySQL.  Since my server is running Windows,  SQL Server, and ASP.NET, I wanted to find ASP.NET blog software so that I didn’t have to add any new services or databases to my server.  After a bit of searching I found SubText which is a fork of an ASP open-source blog called .Text.  It looked promising and the installation video seemed to imply it was a snap to install so I downloaded it.  I ran into a strange problem installing it that was related to the fact that I just put it into a sub-folder of my existing ASP.NET application.  It seems that nested ASP.NET applications inherit the web.config file of the parent application which can lead to some strange errors.  I resolved the problem by just creating a sub-domain, http://blog.riflegear.com, and keeping the directory seperate from the main website.  Once that was done the installation ran without a hitch!  Now I have to figure out exactly what I can do with this software but so far it looks promising.